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I became a foodie about 10 years ago, around the time my husband and I built our home. I had the kitchen custom made, with artisan cooking and plenty of storage in mind. I have a space for everything…a space for serving trays, a space for spices, a space for cookbooks, and of course, a space for wine.

I became fascinated with food as I experimented with various ethnic foods. What better city to learn about food than New York City. The spices, the smells, even the appearance of unfamiliar foods was that of intrigue. Many of the flavors were indescribable, like experiencing new colors of the spectrum. Oftentimes, I would ask the server for a brief chat with the chef, who always obliged. Almost always, they were forthcoming about the ingredients and methods.

One of the purposes of this blog is to share my food experiences, which benefit from my personal and business travel world-wide. Another goal is to share with the readers healthy eating habits, without sacrificing taste. Vegetables are delicious, really! The secret is in the ingredients and preparation. I will demonstrate, in living color, my favorite recipes (and the favorites of my friends/family). Hopefully, you too will become a foodie.

Gwen Jefferson Skinner
Gwen Jefferson Skinner